Most of my work is done using sharpie markers, pencils…



… a ruler, squares,  and a small engineering stencil.



I mark out in pencil all the line work first. I like using circles in my work.



Using the compass and ruler I can make a circle and I can inscribe within it a regular polygon with 3, 4, 5, 17, or even 51 sides (also double any of these numbers, and double those, etc.)

A line segment of any whole number or fractional length can also be constructed with compass and straight edge, as well as various other tasks.



I tend to play around with the line work until I have something that looks interesting to me, making circles, portions of circles, lines, polygons, and whatever else I feel like.

Color is my weakest aspect. I try to pick interesting colors to use, but I’m almost never happy with my choices…

Once colors are chosen, I shade and redo the line work in sharpies.